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Via Roberto Malatesta

+039 3492993010

Claudio Marceddu is an experienced Cinematographer, Steadicam and Jimmy Jib operator, owner of a Steadicam 3A System, a Glidecam V25 System and a Jimmy Jib Crane. Il Circolo della Confusione specialises in the creation of documentaries, short films, music videos, TV commercials and ENG Broadcasting teams. Starting from the needs of the client, the Circle of Confusion produces ideas, models, prototypes and processes images, visions and content for advertising, film, music videos, documentaries and television formats



Linea 77 ft. Salmo : AK 77 - Cam & Steadicam Operator

Jack Savoretti - What more can i do - Steadicam

Volkswagen - T-Cross Day - Long Steadicam shot

Jack Savoretti - Cam & Steadicam

Kylie Minogue, Jack Savorati - Cam & Steadicam

Yamaha Tribute advertising - Steadicam

Malerba: DP & Steadicam

Salmo - Narcos Messico - Official Netflix’s trailer - Video on Netflix page


Diario di Tonnara - Giovanni Zoppeddu - Official selection at Roma Film Festival - DP & Steadicam


Fabio Rovazzi - Faccio quello che Voglio - Cam & Steadicam

Baby K - Da Zero a Cento - Cam & Steadicam

Per Anna: Cam & Steadicam

A Napoli non piove mai: Cam & Steadicam

Il Ministro: Cam & Steadicam

Alla ricerca delle radici del male - Cam & Steadicam Operator

Nitro FT Salmo- Chairaggione - DOP, Cam & Steadicam Operator

Placebo: Jesus' Son: Music video - Cam & Steadicam Operator – Universal

Last Christmas: Cam & Steadicam

The Vaccines: I Can't quit - Steadicam Operator

Salmo, Converse, Cam & Steadicam

Salmo: Estate di Merda: Dop, Cam & Steadicam


Lazza - Porto cervo - DOP & Steadicam Operator - Machete

Negrita: Adios Paranoia -DOP, Cam & Steadicam Operator – Sony

Julie - Jonny Guitar: - DOP & Steadicam Operator


Pinacoteca Ancona: Corporate video - DOP & Steadicam Operator



Baby K - Music Video: Steadicam Operator